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Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Extract Mucilage 20% by Gravimetry

Aloe vera or commonly called Aloe belongs to the Asphodelaceae (Liliaceae) family. The plant’s origin is from the south-west Arabian Peninsula. Aloe vera is a shrubby, perennial, xerophytic, succulent and pea- green color plant, growing upto 60-100cm tall. It has thick and fleshy leaves with small serrations on the edges of the leaves. These leaves contain the clear healing gel that is 96% water. The other four percent contains 75 known substances including Vitamins A, B, C, and E; calcium; amino acids for protein building; and enzymes used in the digestive system. Aloe vera’s gel has been used since the 16th century for medicinal purposes. It is traditionally used to heal wounds, relieve itching and swelling, and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. According to research, it is used as a great laxative, as a detoxifying agent, as a blood purifier, for strengthening immunity, for proper functioning of digestive system, for wound healing, burn injuries, for moisturizing effect, for anti-aging  & anti-wrinkle effect, for protection against UV ray, for controlling acne & other skin problems.It is commonly used in consumer products, for both internal as well as external applications, such as moisturizing creams, soaps, juices 7 other beauty products etc. 


Ayurvedic significance:

  • Rasa (taste): Tikta or Bitter
  • Veerya (nature): Sheeta or cooling 
  • Vipaka (taste developed through digestion): Katu or Bitter or pungent
  • Guna (qualities): Guru, Snigha & Pichhila or Heavy, Unctuous & Sticky
  • Doshas (effect on humors): Balances all three doshas: vata, kapha, pitta.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Extract Mucilage 20% by Gravimetry

  • Common Name Aloe
    Botanical Name Aloe Vera
    Standardization Mucilage 20%
    Test Method Gravimetry
    Part Used Leaves
    Application Cosmetic ingredient




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